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Share your Shabbat
March 1 & 2


Dear Friend,

Let’s do this. Please join our exciting “Share Your Shabbat” mitzvah initiative, taking place Shabbat, March 1-2. This is a great opportunity to expand our comfort zones and make our Shabbat tables more inclusive.

Participating in “Share Your Shabbat” works like this: On that Shabbat, you would host in your home either Friday night dinner or Shabbat lunch. You can invite whomever you’d like, but the key is that you invite at least one person or family - a neighbor/friend/colleague- who you presume has rarely, if ever, experienced the beauty of a traditional Shabbat meal. I understand there is much effort that goes into hosting, but there is incredible reward since this powerful initiative reflects the essential Beth Jacob values of Hachnasat Orchim, Shabbat and Am Yisrael. 

To the more than 20 families who have already signed on (names listed below), kol hakavod and thank you for participating! Please give thought regarding who you’re inviting and kindly extend the invitation(s) sooner rather than later. 

If you haven’t signed up yet, please don’t overlook this great community mitzvah opportunity! Let’s open our hearts and our homes on March 1-2. If you are traveling that weekend, you can still participate by inviting a guest the previous or following week. 

Sign on today. If not now, when? If you’re able to participate, please respond “Count me/us IN” directly to this email. 

Sign Up Here

Thank you for your involvement and looking forward to hearing from you, 

Rabbi Topp



Areivim Program

Dedicated in memory of Estelle & Sam Samson a"h

Caring for Our Community
Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh BaZeh. We are all responsible for one another. Below is a list of all aspects of our Areivim Committee, which provides support and a helping hand for those within our shul community. Sponsored in memory of Estelle Samson a”h.

Shalom Aleichem Team
Our Shalom Aleichem team ensures that newcomers to our shul receive a friendly greeting. If you would like to volunteer to greet shul guests on Shabbat morning, please contact Ilana Melmed at

Shabbat Hospitality
If you would like to host a shul member or visitor for a Shabbat meal, please contact Esther Braun at

Shiva Support, Fruit Platters, and Meals for the Bereaved
If you would like to provide a meal for a bereaved family, please contact Myra Monk at, Marcie Meier at, or Phyllis Katzin at

Chevra Kadisha
Shul volunteers engage in Chesed Shel Emet. For women’s taharot: contact Myra Monk at For men’s taharot: contact Benny Adler at

Bikur Cholim
If you or someone you know is unfortunately ill or homebound, or if you want to participate in the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim, please email Michelle Dolgin at

Meals for Moms
A home cooked meal can help ease the transition for young families with new babies. If you would like to provide a meal, please email Ashley Berger-Woodall at


We welcome your involvement! To volunteer, please
contact Rabbi Topp or the Shul office. 


Shabbat starts Friday: 6:50PM
Shabbat ends Saturday: 7:51PM
Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783