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Class Series with Rabbi Topp


Exploring the Worldview of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik

Rabbi Soloveitchik, known as the Rav, was a brilliant Talmudic scholar, teacher and Jewish philosopher who shaped modern orthodoxy in America. This six part series will explore the multi-faceted thought of the Rav through the study of his books and essays. 

Living the Good Life

Learn how Jewish values can enhance your career, your relationships and your life.  Final shiur will take place on Tuesday, December 30.

Crash Course in Judaism

A great opportunity to increase and deepen your knowledge of your heritage!  Learn about the basics of Judaism, with an array of source materials will infuse your observance of the Mitzvot with meaning!

Believe it or Not

What exactly are we supposed to believe as Jews?  Have you ever wondered what our ancient tradition has to say about evolution?  What about reincarnation?  Do we possess "old" or "new" souls?  And while we are here, are spiritual beings, or angels, watching over us?  Is donating our organs at the end of life the right thing to do?  What does the Torah say about that?  These are just a few of the topics Rabbi Topp brings to life through his fascinating Believe it or Not series.

All shiurim generously dedicated by Heidi and Albert Praw.






































Shabbat starts Saturday: 7:11PM
Shabbat ends Sunday: 8:12PM
Sat, April 20 2019 15 Nisan 5779