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Rebbetzin Jordana Topp

Dr. Jordana Topp is our beloved rebbetzin of Beth Jacob, who also serves as the Shul’s Yoetzet Halacha. 

In this capacity, Jordana serves as a valuable resource for the women of our community, in the wide-ranging area of Taharat Hamishpacha, the Jewish laws relating to marriage, sexuality and women's health. She is available to help women find solutions in real time to questions relating to mikvah, niddah, fertility and any intersections between health and halacha. Jordana offers refresher courses and occasional shiurim in Taharat Hamishpacha and general matters of Jewish law and thought. 

Jordana graduated Nishmat’s Yoatzot program in August 2019 after a two year course of study. 

While Jordana focuses her efforts on serving Beth Jacob members, she works together with the Community Yoetzet Initiative, collaborating on programming and broader communal issues.

Jordana’s contact info:
Phone number- 702-900-3509 

Shabbat starts Friday: 7:13PM
Shabbat ends Saturday: 8:14PM
Thu, April 22 2021 10 Iyyar 5781