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Shabbat Experience at Beth Jacob - Beth Jacob Congregation

Walk into Beth Jacob on any Shabbat morning, and you will find a happening, bustling congregation with diverse Tefilah opportunities and numerous chances to connect with community. 

Find the service that interests you - there are six different minyanim that meet here every Shabbat to cater to all of our constituent groups within the framework of Halacha.  Each minyan includes inspiring words of Torah to add meaning to your week, and each  has its own kiddush, so that shul-goers can eat, relax and schmooze with friends after davening. 

Davening at Beth Jacob is truly a family experience, where strollers line the entryway, and children enjoy customized dynamic programming at our Kestenbaum Family Youth Department, which includes access to Jacob's Garden, a state of the art outdoor park adjacent to the shul. 

 We invite you to be a part of it, and experience Torah, Tefilah, and community on a weekly basis!


Shabbat Morning Minyanim

We provide several engaging, inspirational, and meaningful services.

Hashkama Minyan, 7:10 am, Schoenfeld Beit Midrash

Rabbi Topp's Parsha Shiur, 8 am, Eisenstat Beit Midrash

Benny’s Minyan, 8:30 am, Rubin Hall

Main Service, 9 am, Shapell Sanctuary

Young Professionals, 9:15 am, Bayer Hall

Explanatory Minyan, 10 am, meets monthly.  

Jr. Congregation, 9 am, Schoenfeld Beit Midrash

Teen Minyan, 9:30 am, Ives Youth Lounge



Shabbat starts Friday: 5:51PM
Shabbat ends Saturday: 6:50PM
Tue, October 20 2020 2 Cheshvan 5781