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sylvia & David Kellerman Beit Medrash Program                                        

In memory of Sylvia & David Kellerman z”l

Learn with us; join a class, make new friends and find out how the study of Torah and Jewish thought can bring incredible meaning and inspiration to your life. The Jew is an eternal student - we're always looking to learn and grow more, following the age-old charge of Joshua 1:8 - וְהָגִ֤יתָ בּוֹ֙ יוֹמָ֣ם וָלַ֔יְלָה "you shall engage in its study day and night".

Beth Jacob is your home for high-level "Talmud Torah" and lifelong learning with the following opportunities during the week. 


Limited series


Thursday Night Beit Medrash

every Thursday at 7:30 pm

Located in the Eisenstat Beit Medrash

Join us for a Chabura with Dr. Ivor Geft - Men & Women Welcome!

Parsha & Tefillah with Chazan Arik

Join this WhatsApp Group where every week Chazan Arik will explore the connections between the weekly Torah reading and a Tefilah.

 Join the WhatsApp group

To listen or read past shiurim, click HERE

Daily Daf Yomi

Sunday - Friday at 6:45 am

A place to learn and grow while gaining a mastery of the entire depth and breadth of the “Sea of the Talmud”.
Join once or for the entire cycle.

Call 669 900 6833, or Zoom meeting id: 873-177-0556, password: 613

Halacha Yomit with Rabbi Eli Morell

Monday - thursday after the 6:45/7am Minyan

Daily Rambam Learning whatsApp Group

Practical Tools for Daily Living from the greatest Jewish Philospher of all time.

 Join the WhatsApp group

Practical Tools for Daily Living from the greatest Jewish Philospher of all time.

Be part of this inspiring Glabal Initiative - cover a chapter a day in a 3 year cycle of Rambam's Mishneh Torah


Shabbat starts Friday: 5:38PM
Shabbat ends Saturday: 6:39PM
Sun, March 3 2024 23 Adar I 5784