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Expand your mind.  Enrich your life.  Engage with community.  We are a modern orthodox congregation where you can add meaning to your life. Click here to learn more.


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Website generously sponsored by the Gerber family in memory of   Doreen & Louis Gerber z"l     and Sam & Paddy Rassiner  z"l.

Sunday, May 19
Celebrate Israel Walk & Festival
Walk with fellow Beth Jacob members & get a free t-shirt

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Wednesday, May 22 at 7:30pm 

Modern Minds
Featuring Gila Fine

Topic: The Madwoman in the Rabbi's Attic: The Tale of Yalta the Shrew



Thursday, May 23, 5-7pm
JUCO Lag B'Omer
Lag B'Omer entertainment,
hot dogs & smores.

Shabbat, May 25
Yoth Mitzvah Store


Tuesday, May 28
Cutie Pie 
Mommy & Me
Babies & Toddlers
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Thursday, June 6
Flower arranging class for Shavuot


Shabbat, June 8
Graduation Gala Kiddush

Is anyone in your family graduating (child, grandchild, or even a spouse)?
This is your opportunity to be a part of our community celebration. 
Each sponsored graduate will be published in our June 8th seat announcements

To Become A Sponsor Click Here


Shavuot, June 8-10
Scholar In Residence 
With Rabbi Shmuel Goldin


Shavuot, June 9-10
Youth Shavuot 
Special baking activities & ice cream, special learning, 
and children's Aseret Hadibrot reading


Shabbat, June 15
Youth Spark Finale


Wednesday, June 19
Chazan Arik
Notes of Prayer
Series Finale


















What does it mean to be part of a community? Being involved in a community is significant not only because of the opportunities to learn, pray, and grow intellectually and spiritually. It also provides a sense of belonging and a space to build meaningful friendships that profoundly enrich your life.  Click here for more.

Rabbi Topp's Divrei Torah Archive

A selection of Rabbi Topp's
most recent Shiurim:

Patriarchs & Matriarchs: Covenant & Character

Exodus: the Formation of a Nation

Shabbat: Day of ReJewvenation

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Upcoming events this week of May
Sun 19
Pesach Sheni
29th Day Omer
Mon 20
30th Day Omer
Contemporary Jewish Topics Shiur with Rabbi Topp
Bread & Bible Shiur with Rabbi Topp
BMW - Beit Midrash for Women
Tue 21
31st Day Omer
Men's Gemara Shiur with Rabbi Nechemia Langer
Learning Masechet Megillah
Wed 22
32nd Day Omer
Thu 23
Lag B'Omer
33rd Day Omer
Treasures of the Aleph Bet with Rabbi Posy
Fri 24
34th Day Omer
Sat 25
35th Day Omer
Shabbat starts Friday: 7:37PM
Shabbat ends Saturday: 8:37PM
Sun, May 19 2019 14 Iyyar 5779