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The goal of JuCo is to get 2nd through 6th graders excited about attending shul, as well as prepare them to eventually graduate into the adult services.  Our JuCo kids are enthusiastic about coming to Beth Jacob, even if it means waking their parent up early on Shabbat morning. 

JuCo kids enjoy davening, games and prizes.  Popular activities  include "Early Bird Breafast", "Yard Play", "Morning Meeting Tefilla Parsha Curriculum" "Chulent Kiddush", "Advanced Parsha", "Awesome Prizes", "Mitzva Dollars" "JUCO Auction", "Davening with Chazan Arik", and "Special Kiddushes featuring Jeff’s Wings & Sausages". 

Join us anytime to see what all the fun is about!

Programs & Events

Shabbat starts Friday: 5:31PM
Shabbat ends Saturday: 6:32PM
Wed, February 26 2020 1 Adar 5780